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There are many good reasons to work at Handim: exciting tasks and global perspectives, great colleagues and an exceptional corporate culture. In the Department of Human Resources, we primarily have one destination: to become "Employer of Choice" — with targeted measures and total commitment.
Individual Training
When we look at developing employee careers, we always keep an individual’s whole personality in mind and take a long-term view:
•  How can we further develop technical, methodical AND personal skills and competencies?
•  Where do the individual’s strengths lie?
•  How should we define the employee’s short, mid-term and long-term career goals?
We have a yearly talent management process in place, in which support for career development is based on a structured and transparent performance review. We offer managerial and technical career paths and provide feedback in keeping with the Handim Core Competency Model and technical competency profiles. These serve as a basis for the development and training targets that employees and their supervisors agree upon each year.
We identify our key potentials on a global platform and create global career paths. Our individual talent feedback and its 360 degree approach provide the opportunity for detailed feedback regarding personal and management skills and competences, which is followed by a clear development plan.
For our specialists and Handim’s key competency fields we offer internal training programs at the Handim.
Measurable performance is our key indicator for compensation. We set global goals and conduct performance reviews annually. We define, cascade and measure goals for every employee. Our performance-based compensation approach challenges and rewards excellence in performance. This is one of our key success indicators.
Work/Life Balance
Time is one of our most important assets. Work, family and private life have different requirements and correspond to different phases in life. We know that and act accordingly. For us this is primarily reflected in our attitude towards employees as people with various interests. Flexible working time agreements are one of our tools for offering the best fit between different roles in life. Realistically, a perfect balance is not always possible. Our goal is to deliver as much time flexibility as possible to achieve it.
Diversity and Teamwork
Diversity makes the difference. We rely on our multinational and multifunctional teams and our ability to put different perspectives, strengths and qualifications together for developing the best solutions. Because we act as a global community, we have a tremendous need for diversity. To learn from each other while working together drives success forward.



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