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Handim has enough capacity to make customized synthesis for API,intermeidates and so on..The scale is from gram to Tons.Our labs,semi-works,factories can meet most requirements of customes.


Schiemann Reaction


Friedel-Crafts Reaction

Liquid phase Oppenauer oxidation

Amino acid transformation

Swern oxidation

Ortho metalation process

High temperature/high pressure oxidation

Aldol Condensation

Suzuki reaction

Hazardous materials handling:

Birch reduction


Catalytic hydrogenation


Darzens glycidic ester condensation

Chlorosulfonic acid

Sandmeyer reaction

Cyanogen chloride

Chiral synthesis

Carbon disulfide

Hetero Diels Alder Reaction

Low temperature reaction


High temperature reaction

Mannich reaction

High pressure reaction


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